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Bar Owners & The Smoking Ban; Crawfish Price is Dropping

And more dining news from around New Orleans.

Crawfish at Mid City Yacht Club
Crawfish at Mid City Yacht Club

UPTOWN: Bar owners and employees around the university area are welcoming the smoking ban, including those at Bruno's and The Boot, where an estimated 75% of patrons smoke. [UptownMessenger]

FRENCH QUARTER: Calorie-cutting cooking show Flip My Food With Chef Jeff will feature New Orleans oyster hub Felix's on an episode airing Monday at 11 a.m. on WVUE. The episode will "flip" Felix's famed oyster po boy into a healthier salad you too can make at home. []

NOLA: Ian McNulty looks into two different food truck/restaurant switcheroos this week, 1,000 Figs, the Fat Falafel's must-try new brick and mortar, and Diva Dog, which transitioned from restaurant to busy food truck last year. [Advocate]

NOLA: Good news for mudbug lovers, the average cost of crawfish has dropped thirteen cents since last week. []