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Nola Bars Will Go Nonsmoking The First Week of Jazz Fest

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Expect City Council to turn attention back to the noise ordinance in the near future.

Just a heads up with Classics Week 2015 coverage and Krewe du Vieux festivities now out of the way, that Mayor Mitch Landrieu has indeed signed the new smoking ordinance for New Orleans bars and casinos into effect. Alex Woodward reports that as of  "the first week of Jazz Fest" (the week of April 20), all New Orleans bars will be non-smoking.

The smoking ordinance bans smoking AND vaping in bars and casinos, but still allows for smoking outside and in outdoor areas, which brings to mind the issue of " potential noise on streets and sidewalks." Do expect the controversial and ongoing war-on-music and noise ie. the noise ordinance to be addressed by City Council in the very near future.  In fact, smoking-ban mastermind Lotoya Cantrell has already said the she intends to "hit it and quit it" without the typical "drawn-out process" of many an ordinance past, which should be interesting considering that around this time last year, hundreds of musicians protested against a proposed noise ordinance until it was withdrawn.