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The Pelicans' King Cake Baby Video Is Straight-Up Terrifying

Is this the mascot New Orleans deserves?

Local basketballers the New Orleans Pelicans have a super-creepy secondary mascot, and they're embracing it: The infamous King Cake Baby is a gaping-mouthed, crazy-eyed ball of weirdness (who bears an uncanny resemblance to the cigar-smoking Baby Herman of Who Framed Roger Rabbit fame, we might add).

An amazing video posted to the Pelicans' official Facebook page recently depicts said baby — clad in his airbrushed "I [Heart] King Cake" bib — giving high fives, answering phones, and generally scaring the crap out of the poor people working in the Pelicans office. The naughty baby even takes a break to scope out some king cake porn on his computer. Might wanna check under the bed before you go to sleep tonight.