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Carnival Carnivore T-Fitz Names Top 10 Steaks In Nola

Prime cuts from Crescent City Steakhouse, Charlie's, Doris Metropolitan and more.

Steaks at Doris Metropolitan
Steaks at Doris Metropolitan

it's Mardi Gras, and for those uninitiated with such festivities, Tom Fitzmorris is here with an important message: "The word 'carnival' itself means 'goodbye to beef'."  In honor of T-Fitz's seasonal meat-binge, Here now, are his top ten steaks in New Orleans:

Mr. John's Steakhouse: The New Orleans cut strip steak isn't on the menu, "you have to ask for it."

Keith Young's Steak House: The filet mignon comes with "lots of good sauce options, too."

Gallagher's Grill: The cowboy rib-eye at this Covington restaurant is "mammoth."

Doris Metropolitan: The 31-day dry-aged sirloin strip is "for those who like adventure."

Ruth's Chris Steak House (Metairie location): This "40 ounce slab" of porterhouse steak (it's supposed to be for two) is "the finest steak" on the menu.

Crescent City Steakhouse: The porterhouse for 2,3, or 4 "comes pre-cut from the kitchen but sizzling in butter all the way."

Brennan's: The Filet Mignon Stanley "is the best steak ‘n' banana dish you will ever eat" Translation: "odd but spectacular."

Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse: This famous version of sirloin strip, which is seared in a black iron skillet, actually "gave birth to a more famous offspring—blackened redfish."

Emeril's Delmonico: The sirloin strip comes " black and crusty on the outside, even if it's rare in the center," as Emeril picked up his technique from the Brennan's family.

Charlie's Steak House: The Charlie house signature T-bone steak has been served "large or ridiculously large" since 1932.