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Melt Will Bring More Grilled Cheese To Mid City; Pontchartrain Hotel Restores Silver Whistle

Melt will open at 2549 Banks Street. The Silver Whistle restaurant will return to groundfloor of Pontchartrain Hotel along with a rooftop lounge.

Future home of Melt
Future home of Melt

Looks like 2015 is going to be the year Mid City becomes Nola's grilled cheese epicenter with The Big Cheezy about to open at 422 S. Broad, and now Alicia Serrano of Mid City Messenger reporting that newcomer Melt is heading for 2549 Banks Street (at S. Dorgenois) from Barcadia alum Miles Tully and biz partner Casey Biehl.

The 'fast casual' restaurant plans to feature counter service and a menu of specialty grilled cheese sandwiches, along with a bar that serves beer/wine and an "industrial look." No word on a potential opening date yet, but the plans reportedly have neighborhood support.

The Pontchartrain Hotel [Photo: Facebook]

Meanwhile, in the LGD, Robert Morris reports that the iconic Pontchartrain Hotel (2031 St. Charles Avenue), once regarded for their blueberry muffins and known for famous guests including Frank Sinatra and Truman Capote, is going to restore the long lost Silver Whistle coffee shop and restaurant on the groundfloor.  An upcoming renovation will also include a rooftop lounge. The hotel is now set to appear before the city with a thumbs up from the CPC. If all goes as planned, construction will start in April. So expect those blueberry muffins to make a comeback as early as January 2016.