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Bayou Teche Launching Dat Beer; Frankie & Johnny's Jukebox is Back

And more dining news from around New Orleans.


UPTOWN: Crawfish fave Frankie & Johnny's has its vintage (ie. "45 rpm vinyl record spinning on a turntable") jukebox back, which was purchased by a guy in Massachusetts after the restaurant closed in 2013.  The money collected from playing a song benefits Hogs for the Cause via team Fleur De Que. Here's a video too. []

NOLA: Later this month Bayou Teche will release Dat Beer, a collab-brew that will be available at all Dat Dog locations. [Gambit]

NOLA: This week Todd Price questions if New Orleans' neighborhood restaurants are on the way out, asking readers: "Do we have fewer neighborhood restaurants than we did 10 years ago?" []

Frankie and Johnny's

321 Arabella St, New Orleans, LA 70115 (504) 243-1234