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Ever-Expanding Supper Club Dinner Lab Buys San Fransisco-Based Dish Crawl

Dish Crawl will now be operated by Dinner Lab.

New Orleans' ever-expanding members-only supper club Dinner Lab has just purchased San-Francisco-based competitor Dish Crawl for an undisclosed sum, The Times-Pic reports this week.   Dish Crawl founder Tracey Lee will join the Dinner Lab team and brings 80,000 members with her.

Dish Crawl will still be a thing with events "in which its members sample different restaurants within a single night" in various cities.  It's just that 'all of (its) members become our members, and this is going to be another offering for our members,' according to Dinner Lab co-founder Zach Kupperman, whose members will now topple the 150,000 mark.

Over the last year Dinner Lab has raised $2.1+ million from investors for expansion—albeit in hopes of opening the first-ever crowd-sourced restaurant—delved into catering, and dropped its steep membership fees to attract more members.