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Friends of Eater Name The Best Dining Neighborhood of 2015

French Quarter, CBD,'s still a toss up.

Continental Provisions in the French Market.
Continental Provisions in the French Market.

As is the tradition at Eater, our closeout of the year is a survey of friends, industry types, and bloggers. We've already covered the 2015 restaurant standbysnewcomers and more. Now it's time for the best dining neighborhoods.

Q: What was the best dining neighborhood in 2015?

Magazine Street. Hard to get to but still booming. [Photo: Brasted]

Rene Louapre, cofounder of Hogs For The Cause
The fact that the restaurants along Magazine are still open despite being inaccessible by car for 95% of locals is pretty amazing.

Lorin Gaudin, Nola Food Goddess, food editor of Where
I dine around too much to declare one 'hood "best." And I think we all know what I think how about "best" anything... it's lame.

Kim Ranjbar, writer, Suck The Heads
Perhaps I should have saved my one word "downtown" answer for this question? Definitely downtown or the Warehouse District/CBD.

A rainy but packed Royal Street Stroll in the French Quarter. [Photo: Brasted]

Scott Gold, author of The Shameless Carnivore, writer/contributor for Thrillist, NolaVie, and Louisiana Eats!
The new South Market District has some serious potential for greatness, and Uptown is ever stalwart in having fantastic eateries, but, like last year (and probably always), you cannot beat the French Quarter when it comes to volume and variety of restaurants at all levels.

B.E. Mintz, founder and editor of Nola Defender and Faux Real Fest
I maintain my staunch advocacy of the French Quarter. There's a reason that tourists pay to attend "grub crawls" in the Vieux Carré. I can (and do) have a perfect Pépin style omelette for breakfast, the late Paul Prudhomme's gumbo for lunch, snack at Sucre salon, indulge in any number of fine-dining options for dinner, and then grab a cubano sandwich at El Libre late night. These options are so close to each other that I don't even have the opportunity to walk off the calories.

The view downtown from Balise. [Photo: Brasted]

Josh Brasted, photographer

Nora McGunnigle, beer writer and contributor for Eater NOLA and Gambit
Broadmoor! Kin, Gracious, El Pavo Real.

Gwendolyn Knapp, editor, Eater NOLA
The best dining neighborhood is the one that doesn't cause you to have a nervous breakdown driving to it.  For me, that's Mid City.