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The 12 Best Things Brett Anderson Ate in New Orleans This Year

From pita bread to haute Mexican scallops, these dishes reveal an ever-changing dining scene.

The pita at Shaya.
The pita at Shaya.

The Times-Pic critic Brett Anderson has just named the top 12 dishes he ate in New Orleans this year, and while the world might be expecting a heavy dose of rich Creole cooking, this list is actually a pretty good indication that New Orleans 'remarkable' dining scene is continuing to change.

Middle Eastern, haute Mexican, Cuban, and even Southwestern-influenced dishes make Anderson's list this year, alongside a few restaurants that continue to push the boundaries of traditional Creole, Cajun, and French cuisine, a couple local seafood stalwarts, and a few unexpected gems.  Behold the dishes you need to get your hands on now:

  • Falafel, 1000 Figs: "No one's orbs of seasoned legume batter can quite touch the ones served at this sunny, slender cafe. After the crunch comes a burst of flavor: green herbs laced with cinnamon absorbing a spill of tahini. Look for local chefs to continue drawing from a similar palette in the year ahead."
  • Fried Pickles, Cosimo's
  • Green Chile Cheeseburger, Atomic Burger
  • Eggs Hussarde, Brennan's
  • Lechon Asado, Churros: "I've frequented this Cuban strip-mall restaurant over the years mainly to binge on its black beans and pressed sandwiches. It pains me now to realize how many times I missed out on this terrific dish of roast pork, delivered in a slick of its own juices, fragrant with its marinade of oranges and garlic."
  • Oyster on the half shell, Borgne & Peche
  • Oyster fennel soup, High Hat Cafe
  • Pita bread, Shaya: "Alon Shaya, this year's food world answer to Kendrick Lamar."
  • Pumpkin blossoms, La Provence
  • Roast beef po' boy, Bevi Seafood
  • Seared scallops at Gautreau's: "Set artfully on a plate with poblano crema, corn, pickled onions and queso fresco, the two browned, sweet-fleshed scallops also amounted to the finest local expression of the haute Mexican cuisine that is captivating much of the rest of the country."
  • Shrimp & Butternut Squash Bisque at Brigtsen's