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Eater New Orleans' Top Posts of 2015

A look back at the hottest posts of 2015.

The Paramount, home of Willa Jean, Company Burger and more
The Paramount, home of Willa Jean, Company Burger and more

As 2015 comes to a close, take a look back at some of the best posts of the year. There were openings galore, maps for all your favorite dining occasions— from crawfish hubs to cheap eats— and helpful guides for oysters, anticipated openings and more. Did you have a favorite dining moment this year? Send Eater a tip and let us know.

Commander’s Palace / Facebook

The 25 Classic Restaurants Every New Orleanian Must Try

New Orleans is packed with landmarks and icons, so let this be a starting point for your bucket list, the places most locals will agree are essential to the storied history of New Orleans' dining.

Commander's Palace, a classic [Photo: Brasted]

The Hottest New Outdoor Dining Spots in New Orleans

Let's be honest, the weather was a little topsy-turvy in 2015, but Nola is still one of the best cities on earth for dining outside. NOLA Brewing Taproom, St. Roch Market, Shaya and more new spots added to the wealth of great al fresco dining spots in town this year.

NOLA Brewing Taproom [Photo: Brasted]

15 Exceptional New Orleans Area Restaurants With Views

New Orleanians love a good view, and from the Lakefront to the French Quarter, this city has got some breathtaking sights for diners, including Tableau (pictured) with views of Chartres Street and Jackson Square.

Tableau [Photo: Brasted]

Where To Get King Cake, Freshly Updated For 2015

The best king cake spots of 2015. It's a good place to start with Carnival time kicking off next week.

Cake Cafe, a king cake fave [Photo:ENOLA]

Peek Inside Uptown Whiskey & Oyster Beauty Kenton's Brasted

The Brunch Heatmap

New Orleanians love brunch, and 2015 ushered in a whole slew of new spots to indulge at, from Angeline to Kenton's.

Inside Kenton's [Photo: Brasted]


13 New Hotspots To Try In New Orleans For The Weekend

There were so many new openings in 2015, but not all could make the heatmap. Eater Nola has been rounding up the newest spots for readers to try all year. Bonus? Many of these newcomers are totally inexpensive.

Roux Carre [Photo: Brasted]

Where To Eat Crawfish in New Orleans Right Now

With mudbug season already getting off to an early start, this is a great resource to catch you up on all of New Orleans best boil spots.

Bevi Seafood Co. [Photo: Brasted]

Best New Orleans Cheap Eats

The cost of dining out continued to go up in 2015, but these reliable restaurants continue to offer great meals on the cheap.

The Big Cheezy [Photo: Brasted]

The Best COOLINARY Menus For Dining Cheap in August

August in New Orleans can be pretty miserable. These Coolinary menus keep the cost of fine dining down for a month, which is a nice respite for residents on the brink of summer meltdowns.

Carrollton Market [Photo: Brasted]

New Orleans Most Anticipated New Restaurants, Fall 2015New Orleans Most Anticipated Openings, Winter 2015

2015 was an incredible year for restaurant openings in New Orleans. Heavy hitters Shaya, Salon By Sucre, Angeline, Balise and more came onto the scene, and awesome underdogs including Kin and Brown Butter made their marks.  Meanwhile, the South Market District continues to make a huge splash and Central City is still on its way up.

Angeline [Photo: Brasted]

Where To Eat Cheap Oysters in New Orleans Right Now

This guide is for bivalve lovers. It highlights the hottest oyster happy hours in town, including dollar oysters at Luke and the insanely cheap twenty-five cent oysters at Blind Pelican.

Balise rocks a killer oyster happy hour [Photo: Brasted]