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Nolaluna Circus Theater Brings Italian Dining To Warehouse District in 2016

Plus, anticipated openings of 2016 and more.

Wikimedia Commons

NOLA— Todd Price talks 2016's most anticipated openings including Susan Spicer's Rosedale, Emeril Lagasse's Meril and more. []

WAREHOUSE DISTRICT— Kathyrine Sayer reports that the the Scottish Rite Temple at 619 Carondelet is slated to become a new circus arts dinner theater venue Nolaluna by November 2016. A 125-seat Italian restaurant and bar on the bottom floor will feature live music and a "landscaped sidewalk dining area." No word on the chef. An $8 million revamp is currently underway, funded in part by historic tax credits. []

NOLA— Ever wonder who makes the cool takeout bags at Domenica and Willa Jean? Ian McNulty looks at Hamco, the local masterminds behind the butcher paper, bags and more branded items at hotspots also including Compere Lapin and Parkway. [Advocate]