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Ichi Ramen House Shutters; Mark Twain Pizza Landing's Millionth Pie

Plus, more Christmas Day dining & a proposed Taco Bell for Mid City.


MARIGNY— Helen Freund reports that shortlived Ichi Ramen House (1913 Royal) has shuttered after five months in the game. [Gambit]

NOLA— More recommendations for where to eat out on Christmas Day including Pizza Domenica and Avenue Pub. []

MID CITY— Alicia Serrano reports that a new Taco Bell could be heading to N. Broad near Bienville. [MidCityMessenger]

OLD METAIRIE— Helen Freund reports that Mark Twain's Pizza Landing will be selling its millionth pizza any day now, and the lucky person who buys it gets two free medium pizzas per week for the next year.