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Snake & Jake's Christmas Club Lounge, Friday, 1 a.m.

Welcome to Eater Scenes, wherein photographer Josh Brasted visits some of New Orleans culinary landmarks to capture them at a very specific point in the day. Fresh for the holidays, Brasted pays a visit to Snake & Jake's Christmas Club Lounge, Uptown's iconic late night dive.

Snake & Jake's Christmas Club Lounge is one of New Orleans preeminent bucket-list dives. Lit by way of Christmas lights and not much else, many an imbiber has spent a late night here with a can of Schlitz and a shot of Jager. The place looks kind of like a shack from the outside, but it's not so much a hidden gem, with Anthony Bourdain even featuring the icon on an episode of The Layover. Still, it's the type of place every New Orleanian should drink at at least once, even on Christmas.