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Parkway's Insanely Popular Thanksgiving Po' Boy Has 'Become A Monster'

The turkey leftovers po' boy is only available Wednesdays in November and December.

Oh, Thanksgiving, that special time of year for family bonding, love and gratitude, and standing in line for a highly-coveted Thanksgiving leftovers po' boy at Parkway.  Available only on Wednesdays in November and December, the turkey, cornbread dressing, gravy and cranberry sauce po' boy has officially 'become a monster', according to owner Jay Nix. He tells Brett Anderson that Parkway cranked out 386 of the seasonal sandwiches last Wednesday before running out of ingredients. 200 of those were sold by 1 p.m.

The main takeaway? Arrive early and prepare for some epic people-watching:

"People wait for it all year and come charging in. We actually had an office that came in, like eight of them. They went to Party City and got costumes, with antlers and ears and hats. They wore that on their head while they ate."

Parkway has even invested in its own turkey costume, so gobble gobble and all dat.

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