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Bacobar International Street Food Concept Comes to Covington

Commanders Palace vets team up to bring fun, chef-driven food to the Northshore.

The eponymous baco of Bacobar
The eponymous baco of Bacobar

Chefs Carl Schaubhut and Jean-Pierre Guidry are in the process of opening a laid back, family-friendly restaurant in Covington which will focus on menu items like the "baco" a cross between the Asian style bao and the Latin American style taco. Todd Price reports.

Schaubhut recently made a full recovery from cancer and is looking to get back into the kitchen. He told Price:

"It's food that we like to eat as chefs," Schaubhut said. "I know that's said a lot, but we're taking a step back from fine dining and having fun."

Bacobar is taking over the former Jerk's Island Grill and in addition to inheriting lots of outdoor seating, Schaubhut and Guidry plan to make use of the eight daiquiri machines that came with the space. They will also serve eight local beers on tap.

The pair estimates that Bacobar will open in early 2016.