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French Truck Coffee Will Expand With An Uptown Cafe in 2016

The new location will serve light fare and Gracious Bakery pastries.

French Truck Coffee in the LGD.
French Truck Coffee in the LGD.

Local Micro roasting favorite French Truck Coffee is expanding with another small shop at Dryades and Cadiz in Uptown, Ian McNulty reports this week.  While the LGD coffee shop—which opened in 2014—is primarily a roasting facility with an espresso bar, owner Geoffrey Meeker will make the Uptown location more of a café with light fare and pastries from Gracious Bakery. The shop will have the same signature Provencal-yellow paint job as the first location and its Citroën trucks. Expect an early 2016 open (likely before Mardi Gras).

French Truck Coffee

4536 Dryades St, New Orleans, LA 70115, USA