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Zodiac-Driven CBD Restaurant Ursa Major Is Closing Saturday

After four months, the Booty's expansion will close in The Paramount.

Inside Ursa Major
Inside Ursa Major

Four month old Ursa Major is set to close in The Paramount tomorrow, October 10, Todd Price reports this week. Owners Kevin Farrell and Nick Vivion of Booty's Street Food opened the concept—New Orleans first-ever ticketed restaurant with a menu and vibe centered around the stars and zodiac—in late May 2015.

Eater has reached out to the owners and is awaiting comment. According to Todd Price, a spokesperson for The Paramount, which also leases restaurant space to The Company Burger, Willa Jean, Blaze pizzeria, and the soon-to-open Magasin Kitchen, has confirmed the shutter and plans to fill the space with a new tenant soon.

Ursa Major

611 O'Keefe St, New Orleans, LA