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9 Roses Cafe Hits The Spot for Quarter Lunch Crowd

Helen Freund stops into the new Vietnamese expansion from the Westbank powerhouse.


New Orleans' lone weekly restaurant reviewer (golf claps for consistency, folks) Helen Freund heads to recent expansion 9 Roses Cafe in the French Quarter: It's a great spot for the Quarter lunch crowd with quick table turnover and a location next to the Supreme Court building, serving "Vietnamese standbys... steamed buns, vermicelli bowls and pho" thought it's the "specials that offer a glimpse of the depth of the cuisine" including shrimp paste on sugarcane (chao tom) and also a creative duck coleslaw. [Gambit]

9 Roses Cafe

620 Conti Street, , LA 70130 (504) 324-9450 Visit Website

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