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Susan Spicer's Upcoming Restaurant Will Overlook The Lafitte Greenway

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Outdoor seating is in the plan.


More details have just been revealed about Susan Spicer's city-approved upcoming restaurant on the edge of Lakeview and Mid City with Todd Price reporting that renovations to the building will take at least 6-7 months. The still-unnamed restaurant will takeover a former police station that "still has a jail cell covered in graffiti" at 801 Rosedale Drive in the Navarre neighborhood. The building itself was actually built in 1937, and may even be one of the oldest commercial properties in the area.  Here are the latest details:

"Spicer wants [owner Kevin] Centanni to enlarge the kitchen and create outdoor seating. The building, which sits next to the Lafitte Greenway, is currently 1,913 square feet. The addition would add 236 square feet to the building and 1,333 square feet of outdoor seating."

After the expansion, the restaurant will need to add two additional parking spots, so Centanni is hoping to lease more space for parking from a neighbor. If he can't find extra spots, he will ask for a variance from the Board of Zoning Adjustments, so he can open without them.