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T-Fitz Takes An Excellent Adventure in 'Overgrown Phone Booth' Kin

Plus, Lakeview Burgers & Seafood gets the drunk-food job done.

Gert Town stunner Kin
Gert Town stunner Kin

This week Helen Freund reviews new Harrison Ave addition Lakeview Burgers & Seafood: As the name implies, Chef Joseph Faroldi serves fried seafood platters—albeit on the  "lackluster" side—and burgers that are a "testament to simplicity." There's  a decent Cuban and mozzerella sticks, making this a great, no-frills spot for boozed up folks at neighboring bar Parlay's. [Gambit]

Tom Fitzmorris sips from the fountain of youth at Gert Town's little beauty Kin: Yes, T-Fitz "drove past it three times" before finally docking at the 20-seat paradise from chef Nate Nguyen and co., where "one of the waitresses is particularly engaging, with a short stature and a voice like that of a singing bird. You can practically see a trail of happiness follow her as she carries this delicious food to the diners."  Tipsy on youthstuffs, T-Fitz foregoes the Top 10 Essential Dishes noting that Kin is for those "want to experience new flavors and ingredients" or have lunch that's "riddled with Asian broth-and-noodles dishes" ie. order off the ramen menu. +3 hipness points because the space feels much like an "overgrown phone booth," making this a most excellent adventure, not a bogus journey. [CityBiz, sub req]


22 Foley Street, , England W1W 6DT 020 7998 4720 Visit Website

Lakeview Burger and Seafood

872 Harrison Ave, New Orleans, LA 70124 (504) 289-1032