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Uptown Dat Cat Cafe Stalled Indefinitely Because Cats Aren't Legal in Louisiana Cafes

Would-be owners run into cat-astropic challenges from a state agency.

Cat Cafe

New Orleans cat lovers suffered a setback today with the announcement that due to Louisiana Department of Health and Hospital regulations and difficulty with funding, the proposed cat cafe on Magazine Street will be delayed until 2016 at the very least.'s coverage spins the announcement that co-founders Miranda Schneider and Drew Rumley losing the lease on their anticipated Uptown kitty sanctuary and coffee shop will only delay the undertaking into next year. However, the Dat Cat Cafe Facebook page is considerably more pessimistic, posting:

Dearest Dat Cat Fans & Advocates, in spite of our efforts and the community's support and response, due to mitigating circumstances, we will be unable to pursue opening Dat Cat Cafe at this time. Without going into too great of detail, but basically for fiscal reasons, our beloved project will have to be shelved for the time being. We are going to keep our ears to the tracks as it were, and if we are given the opportunity in the future to pursue our goal, we will do so without hesitation. We know that you will all be very disappointed over this news and we are sorry to be letting you all down. Trust that no one is more disheartened than we are.

Keep an eye on the Facebook page to see if this cat-astrophe is reversed in the future, though.

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