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Emeril Nabs Ground Floor of Upcoming Warehouse District Condos For New Concept Meril

A big U-shaped bar and open kitchen are what's in store at this spot named for Lagasse's daughter.


Emeril's fourth New Orleans-based restaurant is slated to open in the Warehouse District in 2016, and a few new details have just been revealed from super scooper Todd Price: The restaurant is to be called Meril in honor of Lagasse's daughter, and it's taking over the ground floor of an upcoming condo development at 424 Girod Street.

Rozas Ward Architects—of Company Burger and Rum House fame— are working on the project, which reportedly includes a 19 seat U-shaped bar, some additional lounge seating, a small dining room for 28 max, and "a main dining room with 23 tables and a counter facing an open kitchen."  Peep the architectural plans right here.


424 Girod St, New Orleans, LA 70130, USA