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NOLA to Get Parish Canebrake To Go

Parish Brewing is (finally) releasing its super popular Canebrake beer in bottles in New Orleans

Broussard brewery Parish Brewing has announced, that after years of requests (and begging and pleading), its flagship beer Canebrake will be distributed in bottles in New Orleans. The six packs of 12-oz bottles will be available for purchase starting on January 12.

"Folks have been screaming at us to get Canebrake bottles into NOLA for years now," owner Andrew Godley says. "We have been building inventory and capacity so that we can make the release as much like a tidal wave of deliciousness as possible."

Canebrake is a light wheat ale made with Steen's sugarcane syrup (the first beer in Louisiana to do so) and is a crisp, light beer perfect for Louisiana weather and for crawfish boils. So get on that.

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