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Loosen A Notch On The Bible Belt: Brown Butter's Meaty Menu Revealed

Fried pickles, warm pork rinds, brown butter cream soda and more.

Brown Butter, opening soon at 231 N. Carrollton
Brown Butter, opening soon at 231 N. Carrollton

Mid City is about to get a dose of southern comfort in the form of Brown Butter Kitchen & Bar, opening mid-January in the fully-revamped former Wow Wingery space at 231 N. Carrollton. Today, Todd Price has a look at the lunch menu (a draft of it anyways), which chef Dayne Womax and biz partner Simon Beck will crank out when the 'rustic' restaurant opens its doors (along with a fully stocked bar), potentially as early as next week. Pimento cheese, a chicken and waffle sandwich, warm pork rinds and fried pickles are all aboard this train bound for Bible Belt glory, as are a brown butter gelato and a brown butter cream soda.  It's a very meaty affair, not shocking, considering Womax and Beck are founders of The Salty Swine supper club.

As for affordability, Womax and Beck are hoping for Brown Butter to be an 'everyday place,' and price-whisperer Price whispers:

At lunch, the sandwiches are $10-$11 and main courses average $16. For dinner, which will include more upscale meats such as rabbit and quail, the entrees will cost between $14 and $24.

Brown Butter Kitchen & Bar

231 North Carrollton Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70119 (504) 609-3871 Visit Website