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Ralph Brennan on Brennan's Beloved 'Simple Dish' Bananas Foster

Bananas Foster is a dessert to Try Before You Die.

As part of Classics Week 2015, Eater NOLA is taking a closer look at what makes the most iconic dishes of New Orleans, well, so iconic. Today, restauranteur Ralph Brennan, who recently took ownership of the venerable breakfast restaurant Brennan's, talks to Eater about why the restaurant's Bananas Foster is a dessert that everyone must Try Before You Die.

When does Bananas Foster date back to?

It dates back to the early 1950s, and was created in honor of [local civic leader and Brennan family friend] Richard Foster.

Who came up with the Brennan's recipe?

Ella [Brennan] worked with the Brennan's chef [Paul Blange] on developing the recipe, at the request of her brother [Owen Brennan].

Why is it so popular?

I don't know. You just get lucky sometimes, and customers just like a dish. This one is so unique - it's done tableside, it's flaming, it's a simple dish with great flavors - I mean, who doesn't love bananas, brown sugar, and ice cream?

What's another of your favorite classic dishes in New Orleans?

I don't know if this counts, but I love getting ice cream at Creole Creamery. I have a co-conspirator in my youngest daughter - we go there together. My favorite flavor is the chocolate malt chip.


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