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This Week is All About SoBou's Sazerac & Bombay Club's Martinez Cocktail

And more dining news from around New Orleans

Inside SoBou
Inside SoBou

QUARTER: SoBou bar chef Abigail Gullo's Sazerac preparation gets some New York Times love today: "it was among the best Sazeracs I've ever had: enriched by the flavor of Steen's cane syrup (a Southern specialty), braced by the warmth of brandy, improvisational but mindful of history." [NYT]

QUARTER: Meanwhile, Todd Price reports that the best thing he's tasted all week is Blake Kaiser's take on the Martinez cocktail at Bombay Club: "Sipping the balanced combination of Carpano Antica sweet vermouth, Old Tom gin, maraschino liqueur and bitters, I was reminded why some cocktails survive for more than a season." []

QUARTER: Price also offers an in depth look at fifth-generation Antoine's CEO Rick Blount, known for relaxing the dress code and opening the Hermes bar (among other things) in the recent years. The restaurant is gearing up to turn 175 years old this year. []

TREME: Robert Morris reports that a bar known as the Cozzy Spot (326 N. Miro) has been slapped with a warning by the Alcohol Control Board for noise violations this week, and could be at risk of losing their license to booze if it happens again. [MidCityMessengers]

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