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All You Can Eat Fried Chicken; Lakeview's Growing Food Scene

Coquette puts a new spin on its semi-regular fried chicken events and Lakeview will be home to yet another casual eatery.

Coquette's fried chicken
Coquette's fried chicken
Coquette [Facebook]

Strap on your feed bags and get ready for some quality late night fried fare, because Coquette Executive Chef Michael Stoltzfus is throwing an after hours all-you-can-eat fried chicken dinner-slash-extravaganza on February 7, from 11:30pm till 2am. According to Todd Price, $30 buys not only limitless fried chicken, but also mashed potatoes and gravy from Meauxbar's Kristen Essig, collards by Jeremy Wolgamott of High Hat, and biscuits baked by the August chef de cuisine Todd Pulsinelli.

The unusually timed (for a fine dining restaurant, anyway) meal is a fundraiser for "Team Porquette," the foursome's Hogs for the Cause team. Hogs for the Cause is an upcoming BBQ competition/event/fundraiser to support the families affected by pediatric brain cancer. $25 advance tickets are available at Coquette, for those who already know that they are SO there.

Sarah Baird of the Gambit reports on an upcoming family restaurant coming to Lakeview. The owner, Jason Tournillon, formerly of The Chimes restaurant in Baton Rouge, wants to focus on burgers, smoked meats, sandwiches, and tater tots in the W. Harrison Avenue casual eatery. Not only will the space feature counter service and lots of al fresco dining opportunities, but also "a one-of-a-kind (perhaps, first-of-its-kind) Louisiana-crafted cast iron cooktop for hamburgers."

Keep an eye out for it to open within the next month.


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