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Filipino And Nigerian Pop Ups Hit Nola in January

Salo pops up at Milkfish on January 4. Lagos pops up at Carrollton Market on January 11.

Inside Milkfish
Inside Milkfish

Roving Filipino pop-up The Salo Project, which has been traveling around the nation over the past year, will be at Milkfish this Sunday, January 4, for a special Noche Buena feast, Todd Price Reports. Salo chef Yana Gilbuena will collaborate with Milkfish's Cristina Quackenbush for the "kamayan-style" dinner, which will be served on banana leaves and guests will eat with their hands. The dinner will help benefit kids affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

Lagos, the popular Detroit-based pop-up with raunchy music and Nigerian food from chef Tunde Wey, is heading back to town on January 11 for a double-header at Carrollton Market: "The eight-dish Lagos pop-up will be served family style. Tickets are $55 plus drinks. Seating are at 5:30 and 7:30 p.m." The last time Wey rolled into town, his dinners sold out immediately, so do make reservations right here.

Carrollton Market

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