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Friends of Eater Predict The Major Dining Headlines of 2015

Shaya, Shaya, and more Shaya.

Chef Alon Shaya, opening Shaya in 2015
Chef Alon Shaya, opening Shaya in 2015

As is the tradition at Eater, our closeout of the year is a survey of friends, industry types, and bloggers. We've already covered the best standbysnewcomers2014 in one wordthe best dining neighborhood, the biggest dining surprise, and the single best meal of 2014restaurant grievances, and now headline predictions of 2015.

Q. What are your headline predictions for 2015?

Rene Louapre, cofounder of Hogs For The Cause:
Return of the traditional meal format.

Lorin Gaudin, Nola Food Goddess, food editor of Where, cohost of New Orleans By Mouth:
"It's all about the Mediterranean;" "More fun with Vegetables;" "Desperately Seeking Servers...and Cooks;" "Check out our Best List List."

Kim Ranjbar, writer, Suck The Heads:
I see more Mediterranean restaurants in the city's future, likely starting with the opening of Shaya. Hopefully someone will open a great Persian restaurant amidst this boom ... one can always hope!

Scott Gold, author of The Shameless Carnivore, writer/contributor for Thrillist, NolaVieLouisiana Eats!:
Alon Shaya will introduce Israeli food to New Orleanians, and they're going to absolutely lose their minds over it. [Full discretion: I've tried his hummus and pita, and they alone are worth losing your minds over. Just wait.] Chinese will be the new Vietnamese. Tom Fitzmorris will go full-on vegan, buy a fixie and some skinny jeans, and move to Bywater. You heard it first. That's going to happen.

B.E. Mintz, founder and editor of Nola Defender:
More micro-chains, more micro-greens, and less macrobiotics.

Josh Brasted, photographer:
I expect best new restaurant nominations for Balise and Shaya and can't wait to try them in the coming months.

Nora McGunnigle, beer writer and contributor for Eater NOLA and Gambit:
Curry Food Trucks Take Uptown By Storm. Mashed Potato Bars Supplement Pub Kitchens. John Besh and Richard Branson team up to launch astronaut cuisine. In spaaaaaace!

Gwendolyn Knapp, editor, Eater NOLA:
Kombucha Madness Is Here. Nola Has Reached Peak Crudite. City Approves Smoking Ban in New Orleans Bars. 45 Places To Try Hand Pies in Nola. Link Group Plans Authentic Chinese Restaurant For Central City. Stoltzfus and Essig IN at New LGD Dream Team Collab Stoltz & Sig.  Uptown's Shaya Earns Coveted Five Beans.