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Behold Meauxbar Chef, Tastemaker, & Covergirl Kristen Essig in Elle Magazine

The Meauxbar chef stars in an article about notable women in the restaurant industry in Elle's 30th Anniversary issue.


Chef Kristen Essig continues to rock the culinary universe with a full page covergirl spread in Elle magazine this month. The 30th Anniversary issue, on newsstands now (unfortunately not online yet), features thirty of America's most notable female chefs, restaurateurs, and industry professionals including April Bloomfield, Kristin Kish and Ruth Reichl, but the real kicker: Essig, the hardworking Meauxbar chef, is not only featured among them, but is the lede image for the entire article. Yes, indeed.

Essig has made a huge name for herself in the past two years, since taking over as chef at former CBD brasserie Ste. Marie, where she immediately drew attention for her seasonal, local dishes. The Ste. Marie team revamped and reopened Meauxbar in 2014, where Essig continues to dazzle with her bistro fare and casual approach to fine dining.


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