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Andrea's at 30 Years In; The Vape Issue

And more dining news from around New Orleans.


METAIRIE: Chef Andrea Appuzo celebrates thirty years of business at his eponymous restaurant this month, noting: "After so many years people still tell me, 'If this restaurant would be downtown, you would have a line outside for blocks...' but I really believe that if you have good food and good atmosphere, it could've been in the middle of nowhere." []

NOLA: Supporters and haters of the potential city-wide smoking ban turned out to City Hall's town meeting in droves last night, reports Alex Woodward. The only thing accomplished? Vape shops may be exempt.

NOLA: Yes, that's right, vapers (folks who use e-cips/vaporizers) have come together and are trying to form a statewide association with one ultimate goal: "to excise e-cigarettes and vaporizers from the smoking ban." []

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