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So Not Shocking: CPC Defers Cafe Habana Vote To February 24

Reportedly the first time some commissioners were even hearing about the project's existence.

Rendering of Cafe Habana from Rozas Ward Architects
Rendering of Cafe Habana from Rozas Ward Architects
Rozas Ward Architects

In brand new you got to be kidding me news, Habana whisperer Richard Webster reports that depressed tortoise with a hare bouncing on its shell Cafe Habana will have to wait until February 24 to find out if the CPC will approve the necessary "re-subdivision of two lots in the French Quarter into a single lot," so that plans for the Cuban restaurant may move forward (or back, it's so hard to tell now) to the VCC for a vote on construction documents.

Owner/founder of the Habana empire Sean Meenan has already spent two and a half years attempting to bring his 183-seat restaurant to the corner of commercially-zoned Rampart and Esplanade, scaling down plans and attempting to appease opponents of the project, who have the intention of fighting all the way to the Supreme Court and reportedly showed up in droves at the CPC meeting. Most recently, the VCC approved Habana's architectural plans, but alas, this happened yesterday at the City Planning Commission meeting:

While several commissioners spoke in favor of the proposal, saying that developer Sean Meenan has gone through all of the necessary steps and that Café Habana would be a natural fit along the burgeoning Rampart Street corridor, they were in the minority.

Despite the actual CPC staff recommending the project as "an 'improvement' over the site's existing condition," which is basically a vacant gas station and neighboring two-storied building, the commissioners were unable to agree upon anything except deferring the vote to February 24, with a myriad of asinine in-fighting you can read for yourself within the article and the horrifying comment from Richard Webster that "this was the first time some of them were hearing about this project."