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WYES Cancels Annual International Beer Tasting Event For Good

Attributed to ATC's "new interpretations of state liquor laws."

Well this is sad news for WYES and beer fans alike. The annual International Beer Tasting fundraiser, that local public television station WYES has held for the past thirty years has been ended for good, reports Todd Price.  Spokeswoman Aislinn Hinyup reports "rising costs" and the ATC's "new interpretations of state liquor laws" as factors for their decision. Per Price:

In the past, WYES relied on employees of breweries and beer distributors to serve at the tastings. Hinyup said that as of 2014 they were told that WYES would have to pay those employees of breweries and distributors to work at the WYES tasting. Last year, instead, the stations rounded up 200 volunteers to pour beer. But since those volunteers couldn't answer questions about the brews, the station felt the educational aspect of the tastings suffered.

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