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What Are Nola's Best Bars For Watching College Football?

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Okay, Tigers, Crimson Tide, Gators and all other SEC football fanatics. You're up. It's time to talk about the best team bars (and restaurants) in New Orleans for watching college football. A team bar, for the uninitiated, is a bar where fans of a certain, specific NFL or, in this case, college football team gather with other fans of the same team to watch the game and drink together.

So, what are the best team bars in New Orleans? Where do you watch LSU play? Where can you always find an elusive Penn State or Iowa game on? What are the drink specials? What makes it so special for a certain college team? Tell us what the best team bars in the greater New Orleans area are and Eater will do the mapping. In fact, all Eater sites will unleash the best NFL and college football team bars across the Eater universe on September 16, so do check back.

Leave a comment or send us a tip, and have a great weekend, everyone.

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