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Watch Justin Devillier Serve Thousand Year Old Egg on Knife Fight

La Petite Grocery's Justin Devillier competes on Esquire's Knife Fight, airing tomorrow September 30. Here's a clip of him creating a Vietnamese-inspired salad with 1,000 year old egg.

Knife Fight, Esquire Network's cooking show for cool kids hosted by cheftestapants Ilan Hall is back with another episode featuring New Orleans' finest, this time Justin Devillier of La Petite Grocery.

Devillier competes against Michael Bryant of LA's Churchill on a new episode airing September 30, a list of where to watch here, cooking up dishes using secret ingedients and other things found in the kitchen at Los Angeles restaurant The Gorbals.

Tory McPhail and Sue Zemanick also recently appeared on the show.