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Where To Eat Cheap Oysters, T-Fitz' Top 12 French Restaurants, More

In listicles this week, New Orleans cheapest oyster hour hours, where to drink tea, and T-Fitz plots his fave French haunts.

La Petite, a T-Fitz French Favorite
La Petite, a T-Fitz French Favorite

Thrillist listicles the cheapest oyster happy hours this week, including: 60-cent oysters at Grand Isle all day on Tuesdays, 50 cent oysters at Luke, Blind Pelican, Red Fish Grill and more.

Gambit listicles where to drink tea in New Orleans: English Tea Room, Le Salon, The Ritz-Carlton and more.

Cranky critic Tom Fitzmorris lists New Orleans top 12 French restaurants this week. Taking the top three spots:  La Provence, La Petite, and Chateau du Lac.