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Hadi Ktiri and Brad Smith IN at Upcoming Latitude 29

Jeff Beachbum Berry adds bartenders Hadi Kitri and Brad Smith to his opening team at the French Quarter tiki mecca, opening in October.

Future home of Latitude 29
Future home of Latitude 29

When Latitude 29 opens the third week of October, the staff will be one of dream team proportions, with French 75 alum Hadi Ktiri and former Maurepas Food's GM/Eater Bartender of the Year 2012 Brad Smith joining the opening team, owner Jeff Beachbum Berry has just announced.

Berry already has Steve Yamada on board as head bartender and Cure alum/Erin Rose staple Rhiannon Enlil as an event coordinator. Chef Chris Shortall is creating the menu of 'PolynAsian' dishes including various types of ribs, and even vegetarian dishes (see rib porn here). Steins/Upperline alum James Rivard has also joined the kitchen as sous.

Latitude 29

, New Orleans, LA (504) 609-3811