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Crescent City Brewhouse Is Now Serving 'Beertails'

Introducing New Orleans latest booze trend: beer cocktails.

Crescent City Brewhouse on Decatur is the city's only independent brewpub and has been brewing its beer to serve to New Orleanians and tourists since 1991, significantly predating the current craft beer boom.

The brewery's German style beers, augmented in recent years by more American styles like Brown Ale and IPA, are offered along with a full menu and a full bar. It's the full bar that inspired Crescent City Brewhouse's new cocktail program which combines their house brewed beer with booze to make "beertails."

Beer cocktails are becoming more popular as craft beer becomes more popular, but it's still a relatively untapped market in New Orleans. Booty's in the Bywater offers Abita beer based cocktails, and Jeff Berry will reportedly offer at least one beer cocktail at upcoming Latitude 29, but otherwise, beertail pickings are slim. So if you're in to the unholy union of beer and booze (and really, it's a win-win situation) check out Crescent City Brewhouse's new beertail menu.

Do you know of any places featuring beer cocktails?? Leave a comment or send Eater a tip and we'll check it out.

CCB has the classic shandy with their Pilsner (as well as a version where you can add an extra shot of flavored vodka) and Cajun Michelada, which is their Red Stallion beer combined with tomato juice. This version will also have Cajun spices, so think of it like a beer bloody mary.

Also available are two beer cocktails that feature the brewery's Weiss wheat beer - the Weissdriver with orange juice and triple sec as well as the Raspberry Wheat, with Chambord.

CCB is positioning the Black Forest Schwartzbier-based Chocolate Hazelnut beertail as an after dinner offering, combining the beer with Frangelico and White Crème de Cacao.

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Crescent City Brewhouse

527 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70130