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Dominique Macquet Leaves Dominique's on Magazine

Dominique Macquet peaces out at Dominiques on Magazine. Again.

Well this is totally unexpected: Brett Anderson reports that chef Dominique Macquet is leaving Dominique's on Magazine, the stunning Uptown restaurant that seemingly took as long to build as it has been in operation under Macquet. Apparently, Macquet has come to an agreement with biz partner Mike Schexnayder, selling him the rights to the name Dominique's on Magazine for the next six months, and then the restaurant's concept will likely change.

No word on what Macquet is planning to do or exactly when he is leaving, though he does tell Anderson, "I think it's more feasible for me to do something myself and do something without a partner." Macquet also left a prior incarnation of Dominique's on Magazine (now Apolline) back in 2011 to open the now-shuttered Tamarind in the Hotel Modern and then onward to opening the long awaited Dominique's on Magazine in early 2013. Do stay tuned for more details.

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Dominique's on Magazine

4213 Magazine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70115 (504) 891-9282