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RIP Club New Orleans, Garbled Broker-Speak & More

The week's top news from Curbed NOLA.

Welcome to Curbed Cuts, where Curbed NOLA editor April Siese shares the best real estate and neighborhood news of the week.

FRENCH QUARTER — The last great gay bath house in the city has closed and Curbed NOLA's got more details on when and for how much. RIP Club New Orleans.

CBD — Next Thursday, the New Orleans Public Library main branch is hosting a presentation on the Pythian Temple in the CBD. 234 Loyola, which sits across from the library, is set to turn into retail and office space along with mixed income one and two bedroom apartments. Its past, however, is that of fabulous parties and events, all in the name of African American betterment.

TREME — Craigslist is the new google poetics and Curbed NOLA readers are its translators. We delve into the garbled broker speak of one apartment listing that may have never been.

CBD — The original Times-Picayune offices have enough changes since its 1850s opening that not even the faintest palimpsest of its former life is visible. It's now set to turn into apartments and commercial space and is getting yet another facelift in the process.

LOWER GARDEN DISTRICT — One of the amenities-packed 2600 St. Charles condos is for sale and one of the most important things you need to know about it is that it's got two balconies. Head to Curbed NOLA for more from this former site of Scheinuk Florists.

HOLY CROSS — Perhaps the most inspiring bit of information this week is that any bathroom can be an open concept bathroom if you just remove its door. Peep what's going on inside 424 Tricou and let us know what you'd do with the door.