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Mid City is Where To Find Honduran Food in Nola

Where to find Honduran food? Head to Mid City.

Photo: Yelp/Jose C.

This week Nolavie's Laine Kaplan-Levenson delves into the question, where can I find Honduran food in New Orleans? The answer seems to be Mid City, well the greater Mid City area anyways. While Levenson reports that "New Orleans has a sizable Honduran population— almost as large as its Vietnamese population," Honduran food is much harder to come by than Vietnamese, and Americans in general seem to confuse it with Mexican.

That being said, here are a few Honduran hotspots serving up specialties like pollo con tajades in New Orleans now.

· Dona Gloria cooks on the weekends from February to November during the all-Latino Pelican Soccer league at City Park. She's known for her pollo con tajades and naan-like baleadas, and hopes to open her own restaurant.

· Taqueria La Delicia food truck, usually parked by Lowes on Elysian Fields Avenue, for breakfast/lunch, serving tacos and more, plus natural fruit juices.

· Norma's Sweets Bakery at 2925 Bienville: Jose Castillo's Mid City grocery store has "an amazing bakery with all sorts of sweet and savory pastries, tres leches, and of course, churros. Next to the bakery is a hot food section where Norma's serves lunch every day with everything from Honduran Baleadas to El Salvadoran papusas."

· Telemar at 2901 Tulane Avenue: owner Elizabeth Oviedo ran the restaurant out of her house before being shut down. Now she has her own brick and mortar on Tulane, saying "We get a lot of men, mostly men. A lot of them aren't married and they don't have someone to cook for them. They go to work, then they come here to eat."

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