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A Grass Fed Beef Picnic, New Superdome Food, & More

QUARTER— Todd Price reports that Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse is bringing back their popular indoor picnic featuring grass-fed beef from the Gonsoulin Cattle Ranch on August 27 at 6 p.m. Chefs from all of Dickie Brennan's restaurants will showcase all parts of the cow plus sides, desserts and more for $50/person, proceeds benefiting The Good Shepherd School. (504) 522-2467 for reservations. []

CBD— New food items have just been launched at The Dome for football season, including a Black & Gold beef debris and fried shrimp po' boy: "The new menu will cater to a contemporary American football crowd that includes a percentage of experienced diners who crave cuisine options beyond the usual stadium fare." []

NOLA— GW Fins' chef Tenney Flynn has partnered with the Audubon Nature Institute's Gulf United for Lasting Fisheries (GULF) to form a council of local chefs advocating for seafood sustainability. Plans include a "restaurant partnership program to promote the use of Gulf seafood in restaurants and to educate local chefs, restaurant staff, and patrons about seafood sustainability in the region." [Advocate]

QUARTER— The Carousel Bar, The French 75, Napolean House, and The Sazerac Bar all make Forbe's Travel Guide's list of great places to drink in New Orleans. [Forbes]