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Liberty's Kitchen Opens, Best Bars For Dirty Linen, More

MID CITY— Sarah Baird reports that Liberty's Kitchen is now open at the ReFresh Market (300 N. Broad): "The new space opened Aug. 4 and features a glossy layout and an expanded menu of breakfast and lunch favorites, from pecan sticky buns to spicy turkey sandwiches." [Gambit]

CBD— Todd A. Price reports that Borge is getting a noise makeover in the form of "sound-dampening material to turn down the volume." Good new, since Price's recently-purchased "decibel meter read in the low 80s. That's as loud as an average garbage disposal." Peche has also made strides in reducing their noise. []

QUARTER— The Hard Rock Cafe (125 Bourbon Street) has a new line of house made lemonade-based cocktails. They're served in a coffee-press to infuse fruit--including watermelon, blueberries, and even pineapple--into dat boozy lemonade. [Eaterwire]

NOLA— A new nonprofit Gulf Wild is aiming to help the Gulf's seafood sustainability/fishery conservation by tracking the origin of fish ordered in area restaurants: "A waiter could provide diners with a simple tracking number. Diners then enter the number into their smartphones tableside using Gulf Wild's website" and can immediately find the fisherman who caught it. Redfish Grille is already on board. []

QUARTER— Booze whisperer Laura McKnight brings you six bars to hit up before/after Dirty Linen Night this Saturday: The Carousel Bar, Chart Room, Flanagan's, Golden Lantern, and Lafitte's Blacksmith Shoppe, and SoBou. []

Abigail Gullo at SoBou, a Dirty Linen do [Photo: Brasted]


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Liberty's Kitchen

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310 Chartres Street, , LA 70130 (504) 552-4095 Visit Website