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8 Facts You Should Know About Continental Provisions

Will upcoming gourmet super group Continental Provisions spearhead the revival of the French Market as a culinary powerhouse? All signs seem to be pointing to yes, with even French Market executive director Jon Smith calling the Cleaver & Co./St. James Cheese Co./Bellegarde Bakery trifecta "a level of quality that legitimizes the ideas we have for what food in the French Market can be." So what to expect?

St. James Cheese Co. co-owner Danielle Sutton tells Eater the new space will have a small selection of well-crafted sandwiches, sure, but the sole focus isn't on sandwiches, and they certainly won't have the same menu as St. James. The quality of products available for purchase— from breads to meat and cheese--will up the artisanal ante in the Quarter, and no doubt a knowledgable staff will be able to guide folks unfamiliar with the finer aspects of fromage and charcuterie to an epic snacking experience.

Here now, all you need to know about Continental Provisions, coming to the French Market this fall, via Sutton, Ian McNulty and Todd A. Price.

· Projected opening in mid-October.
· Continental Provision's 400 square foot stall is the former Cajun Cafe, near the stage and where the CCFM (farmer's market) will be located.
· Expect a daily selection of prepared sandwiches.
· Two cases of cheeses and cured meat.
· A cheese counter with a focus on Southern cheeses.
· Bellegarde breads available for purchase.
· Currently, Cleaver & Co. can't sell their sausages at the market, but they are hoping to attain the license to do so within the next six months. There will be a selection of quality meats from around the South, however.
· A corner bar that serves charcuterie plates.

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