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Pig Roast at McClures; Beer and Bourbon at Tivoli & Lee

LEE CIRCLE—Tivoli & Lee is teaming up with NOLA Brewing to bring a beer and whiskey cocktail pairing to specially prepared dishes on Thursday, August 21. The menu can be enjoyed a la carte or in a three course menu for $45. The cocktails were created specifically by the Tivoli & Lee bar team; one pairing puts together brisket with watermelon bbq sauce, smoked loaded new potatoes, and mac-n-cheese with "The Aziz" cocktail - NOLA Brown Ale, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, fig syrup and lime. [Eater Wire]

LGD—This week's "3-Course Interview" in the Gambit takes on narcoleptic curmudgeon, ex-lawyer, and beer savant Dan Stein of Stein's Deli. Stein recounts how he got into the deli and beer biz, and discusses the sacrifices his dignity takes for the sake of his social media fans. (Hint: it involves dating video from many years ago) [Gambit]

UPTOWN—Neil McClure of McClure's Barbecue is a man with a lot going on - a thriving restaurant on Magazine Street as well as a new venture in Mississippi. Hard to believe that he's got time or energy to fundraise for next spring's Hogs for the Cause, but here we are. Tonight (Tuesday, August 19) and next week (Tuesday, August 26), McClure is offering plates of all you can eat BBQ pork from roasted/smoked whole pig. He's got two on for each night ("Two-Pig Tuesday just sounds right," McClure says on the phone), but get there early - it starts at 6pm and sells out fast. An all you can eat plate will set you back $14 plus tax, and 10% of all proceeds will go toward his Hogs for the Cause team's fundraising war chest. [Facebook]

Stein's Market & Deli

2207 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 504-527-0771