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Garcia Eyeing OCH As Next Freret With New Restaurant

 1800 OCH, future Adolfo Garcia restaraunt
1800 OCH, future Adolfo Garcia restaraunt
Photos: Loopnet/La Boca

Empire builder/chef Adolfo Garcia has landed in Central City for his next big project, Robert Morris reports, having purchased a former day care building at 1800 O.C. Haley along with his business partners. Garcia plans to convert the first floor into a restaurant, but just what kind of restaurant shall remain a secret until renovations get underway.

What is known: "The restaurant will have more than 3,000 square feet of floor space" and Garcia and company are trying to get the city to waive a parking requirement of 21 off-street spaces (6 are actually already grandfathered in) which there's likely no room for. The good news is that most neighbors are in support of the parking waiver.

The project will join Cafe Reconcile, Church Alley, the upcoming Velvet Central revamp, highly anticipate Purloo and more as the latest spots to partake in the impending OCH boom. Garcia is already drawing comparison to the Freret restaurant boom, noting that "the foot traffic on Freret Street is amazing right now, and hopefully we can do the same thing on OCH" AND "it's exciting to have been part of success of Freret, and now we're going move on to the next project and hopefully make an impact on that street."

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1800 O.C. Haley Boulevard, New Orleans, LA 70113