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A Quick Look Inside Araña, Officially Opening Today

[Photo: Brasted]

Located in the former Byblos space. Araña Taqueria y Cantina, from the Three of a Kind restaurant group--of Byblos and Salú fame--officially opens today (with special hours 3-10 p.m. this week) with a snazzy, spidery revamp of the former Byblos/Nacho Mama's space. Note to arachnophobes: Araña is the Spanish word for spider, which also happens to be chef Richard Papier's nickname, so do expect a little eight legged freakiness decor-wise.

Chef Richard Papier (Taqueros Coyoacan/Cibugnu/movie catering alum) will showcase authentic cuisine from the Yucatán, including tacos, slow braised meats cooked in banana leaves, al pastor style spit-roasted pig, a focus on achiote, and more. Next week, the restaurant will launch their regular hours, including lunch.

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