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Times-Pic Announces Its First-Ever Top Ten Bars in Nola

Behold, The Times-Pic has gone and done the unthinkable. Enraging even more commenters than usual? Yes, by naming their first ever Top Ten Bars in New Orleans for 2014.

The judges' criteria excluded dance clubs, music clubs with a cover charge, and "restaurant bars where patrons feel compelled to order food: "We did seek out bars that reflected the diversity of the city's drinking culture, one where bars not only serve great drinks but do so in spaces with history, atmosphere, views or, in many cases, an elusive, gritty charm. We looked for the kind of bar almost everybody would highly recommend to friends, or would like to cross off their New Orleans drinking bucket list." Here they are, alphabetically:

Arnaud's French 75
Avenue Pub
Barley Oak
Erin Rose
Mimi's in the Marigny
The Saint
Sazerac Bar
Twelve Mile Limit

The judges, including Todd Price and booze whisperer Laura McKnight, have also named thier Top 5 best bars in the following categories:

Best Beer Bars:
Aline Street Beer Garden
The Bulldog
Cooter Brown's

Best Classic French Quarter Bars:
Cafe Lafitte in Exile
Lafitte's Blacksmith Shoppe
Napolean House
Pat O'Brien's

Best Cocktail Bars:
Bar Tonique
The Swizzle Stick

Best Dive Bars:
Chart Room
J&J's Sports Lounge
Ms. Mae's
Saturn Bar
Snake & Jake's Christmas Club Lounge

Best Hotel Bars:
Bombay Club
Carousel Bar
The Columns
Polo Club Lounge

Best Neighborhood Bar:
Finn McCool's
Lost Love Lounge
Old Point
Verret's Lounge
Molly's At The Market

Best New Bars:
Cane & Table
Old Rail Brewing
Root Squared
Empire Bar

Best Wine Bars:
Bouligny Tavern
The Delachaise
Patrick's Bar Vin

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