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Stephen Stryjewski Talks Charcuterie With Eater National

Head over to Eater National, where chef and Cochon co-owner Stephen Stryjewski helps break down the essential elements of Cochon's sexy charcuterie board for The Five Days of Meat. Stryjewski on putting together a legit meat board: "I like to cover a lot of flavor and texture aspects. A salami plate would be a little bit over-the-top: You'd get tired of — and I don't mean physically tired of — but your taste buds get dead when everything's fermented and salty. You need to have different things to even it out."

The essential elements of Cochon's charcuterie board by number: 1.) mustard, 2.) soda crackers, 3.) liver cheese and pepper jelly, 4.) Coppa, 5.) Pork Rillette, 6.) Duck Pastrami, 7.) Country terrine, 8.) Pickles.

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