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Urban South Brewery Heading To New Orleans & More

 Cajun Fire Brewing at the 2013 New Orleans On Tap
Cajun Fire Brewing at the 2013 New Orleans On Tap
Photo: Facebook

An Eater tipster sent in some interesting news this week: a new brewery in New Orleans called Urban South is currently looking for a head brewer. Jacob Landry, listed as the owner of the purchased (but as of yet unused) domain, confirmed that his fledgling brewery is looking for a founding brewmaster, and is working with potential investors as well as finishing up the initial branding, and starting soon on a website landing page.

Urban South joins a few other breweries that are in the very early stages of opening. Currently, New Orleans has one production brewery (NOLA Brewing) and one locally owned brewpub (Crescent City Brewpub) in the city, but in the next year or so we should increase that number by four. Courtyard Brewing is working hard to open its taproom on Erato Street in the LGD by fall, and three others are still in early days.

The brewery with the most recent press, Cajun Fire Brewing, is currently in negotiations with a CBD location and has signed with a distributor, though neither are ready to be announced in more detail.

Justin Boswell with Wayward Owl Brewing says that he has "100% decided to open in the New Orleans area and not Lafayette. Things are moving along but we are taking each step very carefully. We have looked at and are continuing to look at sites throughout New Orleans but have yet to settle on one. Prospects are good. The entire community of brewers here has been very helpful and now having my boots on the ground I can see that the local craft beer scene is aching to grow." Boswell says he'll be keeping his website blog updated with information as it becomes available. According to the blog, they are looking in Mid City and hope to have finalized a site in the next 2-4 months.

Second Line Brewing, which has a location in Mid City off City Park Ave, is in the final stages of getting its financing from the SBA and owners Mark and Karen Logan expect to start purchasing much of their equipment in the next 4-6 weeks. Mark Logan says that in the meantime, he's been working with the engineers on the brewery and all of the various design elements like mechanical, electrical, and plumbing.

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